Testimonials: Some Happy Riders Tales

Hey Will, the session was awesome Leon was great very professional and I have learned a lot. Looking forward to next one. Take care.


March 2020

Thanks Will - lesson was excellent - Leon is a patient and knowledgeable teacher - better still - most of what he tried to impart to me appears to have stuck - any faults in application are totally with the student and not the teacher.  


December 2019

Hi Will, I really enjoyed the lesson and learnt a lot from Oli. It was great having the flexibility to focus on specific areas of my technique and trail segments.

November 2019

I had a great time. Ro was great, and Stromlo was spectacular. I really enjoyed myself.


November 2019

Hey Will, Thanks once again for organising the skills training session with Dan who was absolutely amazing. Dan has great patience and is a great instructor on MTB skills. I have learned so much in the 2hrs that I had my one on one. I will be taking a lot of this away with me to practice especially body positioning on the bike. Dan really explained everything well and used very good analogy when it came to explaining where your body should be for certain parts of the trail while riding. I will definitely be back to do another session with Dan when I’m confident in what he taught me this time round. Thank you once again.


November 2019

Hi Will, the coaching session was great, both Liam and I learnt a lot. Leon was great to learn from, he explained everything very clearly and was very patient with us. Thank you.


November 2019 

Hey Will, Thank you. We had our session with Leon over the weekend and myself along with my 3 mates were very impressed. Firstly he was very bike knowledgeable, he was able to give individual attention to all of us on how to make some adjustments to our bikes that will improve our riding ability.  Secondly he watched us ride and gave fabulous advise on things that we can improve and alternative ways to do things. He gave enormously useful tips and highlighted how best to use our bikes and what they and us are actually capable of. He managed to do all of this with obvious knowledge and passion for a sport that we are enjoying and that he so clearly loves. His insight was both appreciated and very well received by all of us. We now can’t wait to put into practice all that he has shared with us. So, again thank you. We are grateful for Leon, thanks. I’m sure we will be back for follow-up lessons in the future and it will be without hesitation that we recommend your company to fellow riders.


October 2019

The session went really well. I’d always recommend Leon to parents looking for coaching for their kids or themselves.

Dan (dad) and his two kids

September 2019

Thanks Will, Great session with Leon going back to basics (bike setup and correcting technique). Already noticing improvements with tech climbs when our group went around Manly Dam on the weekend. Am recommending you guys to my mates!


May 2019

We had an awesome experience with Leon yesterday at H2O! He was thorough and handson with all of us,  We look forward to the next session with him!


May 2019

Hi, THANK YOU Leon for an amazing MTB experience today with the kids. We really appreciate the time and effort in giving us such an enjoyable first MTB experience. 

Bernadette (+ family)

May 2019

Hi Will, my session with Oli was great! I look forward to my next session wth him in the coming weeks. Thanks again for your help


May 2019

Will, thank you to LEON. Both kids had a great time and really learnt a lot. Thanks so much, and watch this space for another session. Cheers


April 2019

Hi Will. Thank you the coaching session was more than I could have hoped for. I learnt a lot more than I was expecting. Oli was great and his faith in what I was capable of was very inspiring.  I am looking forward to my next coaching session for sure. Thank you very much.


April 2019

Thanks Will, had a great time and picked up some great tips. Brad was great and it was well worth the investment. Cheers


March 2019

I really enjoyed my session. My instructor, Jon, was unreal and really good with explaining things. I enjoyed my ride and got some good tips.


March 2019

The session was perfect.  Dan has an excellent ability to engage and instruct in an encouraging and positive way. I really enjoyed the time with him and took a lot away. It was also fun just to have a blast on the track, with him subtly correcting my very poor style. I admire his patience!! Once it all started to click, I could instantly feel the improvement. Great day out and so very worthwhile.  


March 2019

Hey Will, I had an awesome time with Brad yesterday, thank you. He did a phenomenal job getting me to the point where I was cleaning features I’ve never been able to do before (and some I’ve never even attempted!) and making it seem almost effortless. I can’t commend Brad highly enough, he’s an excellent coach and I got so much out of our session. Huge thanks to you and Brad.


January 2019

Yes loved it thanks Will!


December 2018

Thanks Will, had a great session with Brad. Learnt heaps & got some confidence before heading back  to NZ for Xmas.


December 2018

Thanks Will - The session with Leon was great – I got a lot out of it.


October 2018

Thanks Dan and Will! The session was amazing and we loved it! Thanks again! 


June 2018

Thanks Will. I had a great time. The session was absolutely beneficial. 


June 2018

Thanks again Dan for a great afternoon. I’ve left today thinking of all the things I can improve on and even though I’ve got plenty to work on I’m keener then ever on mtb. I wish I had done this sooner to learn the fundamentals well before the age of 42 but I’m so glad I’ve done this initial skills session and better late than never. You were very articulate in sharing your knowledge and patient too which was appreciated. Thanks again Dan, looking forward to a follow up in the near future.


April 2018

Hi Will - Leon was fantastic!! A lot of the technique needs to come instinctively, so I understand the theory of the pop off jumps and correct cornering, but need more practice! Leon was able to point out other things like alternating front foot forward, listening to my body when it’s tired (but I want to keep going!) and breathing. We did a lap together of Manly Dam and then after the lesson I did another lap and noticed a marked improvement and confidence. Money well spent! I’ve done 3 or 4 skill classes previously, but 1:1 is definitely the way to go.


March 2018 

I had a great time with Matt, thanks for organizing everything on such short notice. After the lessons I did another round (or 2) on my own, and could really notice a difference between how I started that morning. I'm sure there's more MTB-ing in my future! Cheers.


March 2018

Both Caleb and I had a great session! learnt lots and yes we will book another session. Brad is passionate about his mounting biking which shows in his ability to pass on skills in a professional but easy to grasp. Brillent morning, thank you and Brad.


March 2018

Thanks so much Will, Dave was great. I will put some of the exercises in the practice and look at booking a follow up lesson the future. 


Feb 2018

Hi Will, Brad was fantastic, if I get any close to his skill I'll be very happy. Thanks


Feb 2018

Thanks Will - We had a lot of fun and thought Dave was great.


Jan 2018

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