Testimonials: Some Happy Riders Tales

Hey Will just wanted to let you know that Ben Benny and I had our lesson today. The weather was no good but I had so much fun the time flew by. Even though the weather was bad Ben was still happy to go ahead which was really good of him. I'm sure you know already but Ben is an excellent teacher.  He constantly reassured me and provided plenty of constructive feedback. His demo's were very clear and inspiring. Not sure I'll ever be throwing one handed manuals but very cool to watch. I felt like a progressed well which is very motivating. I made more progress in the 2 hours than I did in the last 2 weeks on my own. Obviously learning the right method makes a huge difference. I will definitely be in touch to do more lessons and  a NZ trip or two. Thanks heaps


November 2015

Hi Will, I had an exceptional session, was way beyond expectations. Has really inspired me to keep riding which is great and given me a lot of hope for improvement and maybe even being able to join in some of the more challenging rides:)


Can’t speak highly enough of Adam’s (Macbeth) skills and ability to teach. His patience and ability to know just what it is that I needed to hear to improve and get the next bit of the puzzle – very impressive instructor.


Did one section that I was certain I was just not going to be able to get my head around and by the end was doing it easily – weird and fantastic:) Really appreciate the lesson, thanks for organising. Cheers


November 2015

Hi Will, The lesson was good, Adam Macbeth was very easy to get along with and encouraging without being pushy.


October 2015

Will, I wouldn’t change a thing about the sessions. I thought Mick Ross was very good at explaining and demonstrating. He also took time to assess our bike set up and provided good advice on this. After this session, I have a better understanding of why certain things work and don’t work when it comes to technique. The onus is on me to practice these and embed them into my riding. A good experience all round, thank you.


October 2015

Just a quick note to say we had the session with Adam MacBeth this morning and as expected it was awesome. I reckon I learned more in the two hours with Adam than I would have done in two years of trying to figure things out for myself on the trails. Hopefully fewer crashes from now on as well. I'll be in touch again soon to arrange another session. Cheers


September 2015 

Hi Will, The session was great. Adam MacBeth started me off with some very basic drills which later proved to form the foundations for pretty much every skill I will need out on the trails. I now feel a lot more confident on my bike and I understand what I need to do in order to develop as a rider. Adam is a great coach and all-round top bloke.


September 2015

Hi Will - Thanks a lot for booking me with Brad [Prescott] he is a legend!! Had an absolute blast and it was extremely useful I took home so much information and s lot of confidence to get started. Thanks a lot! Cheers


June 2015 

I had an awesome session, I feel a lot more confident now than I did before the session. Adam's a great teacher. Cheers


June 2015

The lesson this morning with Adam MacBeth was a class act, he has given me plenty think on and train. I will be booking for the next instalment in about a month. Cheers


May 2015 

Hello Will, I was thinking about you today and thought I would drop you a line. This is a thank you note and it might come across as silly however, yesterday night as I commuted home in the dark, rain and wind, I found myself downhill between the river/gutter and a truck and suddenly there was a substantial branch in the road in front of me. And so I popped over it, on my road bike. I felt a sense of gratitude that you taught me that skill, of popping the front and then the back wheel. Sometimes skills are easier to do when there is no time to think it over. Similarly in the dark recently I found myself on a path that turned into stairs and so rode down them. Previously I might have stopped/been run over by truck but this is better I think. 


April 2015

About 8 months ago, Will Levy (mtnbike.com.au) contacted me via the Trailflix website, asking if we could meet for coffee to brainstorm a MTB tour opportunity he was exploring and was seeking feedback for. Will’s idea was to take a mini-bus of Sydney riders & their bikes to Canberra for the weekend, ride 3 or 4 trails, feed them up, provide accommodation and transport them all over the place & back. So 8 months later, the tour business was ready to launch & Andy Hrelja and I climbed aboard Will’s first trip on Queens Birthday weekend to see how the concept turned out in reality. Good business ideas are often simple on first hearing but to be successful you really need to invest a heck of a lot of thought and effort to get it right. The fairy tale of a business idea born and then rolled out in a week only happens in the movies or on so-called ‘reality’ shows…


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