Testimonials: Some Happy Riders Tales

Thanks Will,  John was the “perfect match” of a coach for me! He was able to pinpoint what I needed to work on and was a positive, highly skilled and knowledgeable coach! Cheers 


June 2022

Hi Will,  Zac had a great time on Sunday with Mitch & definitely got everything out of the lesson that he was hoping to. Mitch very kindly emailed some tips for Zac which will be really helpful & I know Zac would love for me to get him another session through you down the track once he progresses a bit more. 


February 2022

All I can say is THANK YOU.  Archie absolutely LOVED the lesson and is really keen to do more! Brad was very professional and an excellent instructor.  Look out for another lesson request from us soon.


February 2022

Will, Thanks to you and Oli for arranging today's session. It was very enjoyable and Oli is a great coach. Will definitely be booking another session.


December 2021

Hi Will,  It was a great session and I took a lot away. Oli was awesome! I will definitely be doing another session.


December 2021

Hi Will,  Just wanted to thank you for organising (and to Chris for doing!!), the session with the five boys yesterday.  They loved it and spent the afternoon practising and trialling what you told them!! Well done. And thanks again. 


October 2021

Thanks Will,  the session was great and Brad was super encouraging and a great teacher. I will practice what I learnt and come back so I can go uphill!! Thanks.


October 2021

Hey Will, My partner and I had a great time at our lesson with Brad, he was super patient with us and we learned heaps.


October 2021

Hi Will, The session on Saturday with John was perfect for my needs as an initial coaching session. It’s provided me with some excellent basics to continue practicing on. John’s coaching ability was excellent!!


August 2021

Hi Will, It was a pleasure learning from John Farrow. He was very helpful, clear and concise with all instructions as well as supportive and encouraging right through the day. We sincerely look forward to our next session with John over the coming 1-2 months on learning the next steps. (After we’ve spent some time practising our newly learned techniques). Many thanks and I’d gladly recommend you guys without hesitation.


May 2021

Hi Will, I had a great session with Leon yesterday. We covered quite a few areas where I could improve. Many thanks to you and Leon for this opportunity to upskill.


March 2021

Hi Will, the skills course with Ollie was good. We enjoyed the progression and the focus on foundational skills. We will do another session with Ollie in a few weeks to move on to bunny hops and into the jumps training. 


March 2021

Hi Will, It was great and the time flew...useful and enjoyable. Jon has a lot to offer, Cheers


February 2021

Hi Will, We certainly did. Oli's a really good coach and a insanely good rider. We have both improved already and the foundation skills was exactly what I was looking for. Also great follow up with the drills to practice. Cheers


February 2021

I enjoyed the session immensely and felt like I made some good progress and also learned some things to continue working on which I will definitely do. Oli was awesome, a really good communicator and clearly passionate. I think we were both stoked seeing me make some progress. The little details he showed me were super helpful. I did my best ever wheelie and best ever manual during the lesson!


January 2021

Hi Will, My boys had a great first skills session with Leon this morning and we’d like to book in for more sessions. Thanks again to Leon for a great experience.


Hi Will, We had another great session and thanks to Leon.  The boys enjoyed it and learnt some skills and have some things to practice. We will book more sessions in the future.


Thanks again,


Jan and April 2021

Hi Will! I loved my skills session with Leon and got everything out of it I was hoping for! Thanks a lot!

January 2021

Thanks Will. Kids loved it.

Kate (kids 11, 9 & 9 YO)

Jan 2021

Hi Will, Zac [son] really enjoyed the MTB session and I think he got a lot out of it and also understanding a little more about types of mountain bikes. Leon was armed with lots of information.  Again thank you and will definitely and already have recommended the MTB courses with you.

December 2020

Hi Will, Dan was unreal with my two boys. They learnt a lot want to do another one in the near future.  Thanks to Dan! Cheers.


November 2020

Thank you. John was great during the eight sessions, I loved them. Honestly the highlight of my week. Feedback was always constructive and positive and it definitely changed my riding to be more controlled, faster and safer. So I’m stoked.


November 2020

Hey Will, I had a great day yesterday, definitely picked up a few new skills and was good to just get a reconfirmation of what I am doing was correct. Jon was awesome to ride with and he understood my needs. The two hours flew by! 


November 2020

Hi Will, I'm finding these lessons really valuable thanks. I find John to be a good teacher for me. Thanks.


November 2020

Thanks Will, we all had a terrific time. John and Oli were excellent, we will most likely book another course. Need to practice those new skills first!


November 2020

We really enjoyed the session and got alot out of it. We are keen to book in again in a couple of months to build on what we've picked up so far. 


October 2020

Thanks Will. Great session and Olie was great. The boys were already fairly confident (dirt jump) riders and solid on the dirt jumps. Olie took it from guts to skills which is what I was hoping to achieve. 


October 2020

Hi Will, It went great thanks! Lots to think about and work on. John is a very good teacher! Thanks,


October 2020

Hi Will,  I enjoyed the session and found it useful. Oli was easy to work with and was very knowledgeable.


September 2020

G’day Will, The sessions with John have been really great. I was on a mission to improve my riding and he has really helped me accelerate that process. I couldn’t be happier with it, to be honest. Cheers.


September 2020

Hi Will, The session went well. There are plenty of things for me to go away and work, some unexpected ones too. Cheers.


September 2020

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