MTB Skills

Session Prices:

One-on-One OR Two-on-OneEach rider above two riders
$170 for two hours $20 per rider


Whether you're getting ready for a race or just wanting to get more out of your riding these MTB skills sessions can be catered just for you.


What do you get from the session:


After answering our booking form we will plan the session to suit you and specifiy the exact skills you want to develop. You will be put in contact with the coach to confirm the time and location. 


Our sessions are one-on-one or small group settings so you can get the most out of the lesson.


If you have a question - ask away. If you want to get properly set up on your bike - let our coaches help you.


You won't be bored or bombarded with hours and hours of drills - we'll make sure you get to put those skills into practice out on the trails. A two hour session is the perfect time to absorb the skills and then give them a try.


Our coaches will come and meet wherever and whenever it is convenient for you. There are plenty of locations to choose from, just select the ride site on our booking form.

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