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Locations include:



  • Sydney
  • Taree
  • South Coast
  • Welby & More



  • Canberra - all the trails - Kowen / Sparrow / Bruce Ridge / Stromlo / Majura


Ever want to get away, do some riding and not have to worry about organising everything?



Birthday Trips, Bucks Parties or just to Escape

We can come collect you from a central location and take you away OR meet you at the ride location.


Example of a private day tour:
10am          Meet at Stromlo - under the awning over looking the Criterium Track
30 mins skills session
Ride - 2 hours
12:30pm    Sandwich lunch / drink / fruit / yogurt - supplied
1:30pm       Ride - 2 hours
3:30pm      Afternoon tea - supplied
4:00pm      Ride - 1 + 1/2 hours
5:30pm       Conclude day with a beer - supplied
The costing for the day, not including bike hire is:
$479 * 1 person
$529 * 2 people 
$569 * 3 people
$599 * 4 people
The above costs are divided by the amount of people i.e. $529 / 2 = $264.50 per rider. If wet / poor weather mtnbike has the ability to cancel the days ride with 95% refund.


Example of a private weekend tour:


Day 1 AM

Met at the trail head of Kowen Forest (25k loop) an initial skill session and warm up then hit up the trails


Lunch out on course



Ride Sparrow (16-20km loop)


Apres Bike - beer or coffee


Accommodation at the AIS (Australian Institute of Sport)


Day 2 AM 
Stromlo Forest Park (12 - 15k loop) including the famous Skyline/Luge, with a few skills along the way


Morning tea/refreshments


Ride more famous Canberra Trails including Double Dissolution, Slant Six, Willow etc


Lunch out on course



Stromlo Forest Park (12 - 15k loop) depending on how much your legs have left


These trips are all about you the cyclists


Offering fully catered tours to suit your needs



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