Frequently Asked Questions

What should I bring to Trips / MTB Skills sessions

For Skills Sessions please bring your recently serviced MTB, glasses to protect eyes, helmet, water bottle/hydra pack/nutrition/food, suitable MTB shoes, tube, tire levers, pump and gloves. Also you will need to bring the signed waiver.


For Weekend Trips, including our Epic Rides, we recommend that you bring toiletries, sunscreen, riding gear for up to four rides and bag for wet/dirty clothes. Bring your swimmers if going to Canberra or Taree, you will need a swim cap at the AIS in Canberra.


Other riding equipment you should bring, helmet, lights for riding at night, spare tubes, mini-pump (there is a track pump in the van), hydra–pack, butt butter, tire levers and muesli bars/gels if you use them regularly. Bikes will be stored in your rooms/apartments at night.


Don’t forget to bring 'normal' clothes for when you are off the bike.


If riding in Autumn, Spring and Winter, please keep an eye out of the weather forecast as you may need to bring arm and leg warmers, vest, long gloves and something to keep your head warm.


Please note that all rooms have a heater, sheets, pillows, blankets, towels and soap.


Also you will need to bring the signed waiver.


For Day Trips we recommend that you bring sunscreen, deodorant, towel, riding gear for two rides and bag for wet/dirty cycling gear, please also bring dry clothes for the return trip. Other riding equipment you should bring, helmet, spare tubes, mini-pump (there is a track pump in the van), hydra–pack, butt butter, tire levers and muesli bars or similar for riding sustenance.


Also you will need to bring the signed waiver.


We hope not to ride in the rain or on wet trails. That goes for days which have extreme wind forecasts. Also if there are fires in the area we will postpone the session/tour.


We will be in contact in the lead up to the session/tour to keep you posted. If the session/tour is postponed because of weather we will reschedule at a time which suits both the rider and the coach/guide(s).

What is the fine print?

We do not insure against the cost of medical or dental expenses incurred by riders participating in these rides. We therefore advise that participants consider their own insurance needs and to take action appropriate to their circumstances. We expect riders to have a general knowledge of mountain bike riding and the risks associated with this type of riding. As is the case with all mountain biking courses they undulate through fire roads and single track plus over rocks, sticks and sometimes wet conditions.


The courses are designed to provide a challenge to riders and areas can be of a difficult nature. Incidents on the trails can lead to permanent disability and death. Riders will receive an itinerary via email before the trip which has the lead guides mobile phone number listed. All riders are to carry a mobile phone with them and never ride alone. All riders are also expected to complete our waiver which will be emailed to you upon registering for the skills session or MTB tour.

What skill levels are catered for?

For our MTB Skills Sessions we work with beginners right through to advanced level riders. We will pair you with a coach who knows the trails and understands exactly what it is that you want to improve. 


For our trips away to Canberra and Taree - the trails are very user friendly and suitable for all levels of riders from beginner through to advanced level riders.


At the first ride site of the weekend, there is a MTB skill session held, this is where riders learn skills such as cornering, braking and many other tips. It provides a good warm up before heading out on to the trails.


We can also hold another training session on other days for those who would like to work more on their mountain bike skills.

What can I do at night?

On tours that last for two or more days, we may head to the pub after the hard days ride.


For those coming to Canberra, please note that alcohol is NOT allowed back to the AIS and this is strictly enforced.


Transport to and from the pub is covered by mtnbike.

Last minute cancellation

Full payment, via direct deposit, is required two weeks before the tour begins / skills session date.


This then becomes non refundable. 


If you need to change the date, you MUST email us five days before your tour / skills session. We will then work with you to secure another date. Riders will need to reschedule within 12 months of the original date, or there will be no refund. 

Can I get my bike serviced?

In short no please come to all sessions and tours with a recently serviced bike.

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